Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Destination America gets louder and prouder

Three years ago, Discovery Networks closed down its eco-living TV network Planet Green and replaced it with Destination America, a network that celebrates "the people, places, and stories of the United States", which turned out to be a lot of wrestling, BBQ and ghost hunters. After a period of rapid growth, the network was refreshed last month with a new graphics package and retooled logo, everything done by LA-based Ferroconcrete.

The old package was seen as limiting and was replaced by more proudly red-white-and-blue one. It features an extensive set of icons to symbolise the channel's varied programming.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hewlett Packard Enterprise engages its logo

Hewlett Packard is planning to split its company into two, one for its PCs and printers to be called HP, Inc. and another for the more profitable enterprise solutions business that will be called Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Last week, Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveiled its logo, and it deserves a mention.

The logo was revealed by CEO Meg Whitman in a blog post on April 15. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (sans hyphen) will see its mission as empowering businesses to realise their dreams and goals. The new logo is described as "transformative, flexible and agile", but the green rectangle is also simple, as the aim of the company is to provide simple solutions. Whitman lingers on the ligature between the t's in Hewlett, which is apparently a symbol for cooperation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Logo round-up: March 2015

Here's the logo round-up for March 2015. Although it brought about a few logo changes for some relatively significant companies. In general it seems those clients went after simplification, either through an evolutionary approach or by introducing something new but more simple.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lexmark gets focused with new logo

American laser printer maker Lexmark introduced a new corporate identity yesterday. This is done in the hope that it will reflect Lexmark's development beyond printer manufacturing into other imaging solutions.

The old logo had been used since 1991, when Lexmark was formed as a spin-off from IBM. The new symbol evolves the diamond from the old logo into an aperture that 'opens up possibilities'. It is green, an approachable colour that represents sustainability.

Serbia's telco unites under new MTS logo

Serbia's incumbent telco Telekom Srbija announced on Monday that it will unite its consumer communications under one brand, that of its mobile carrier MTS. At the same time it revealed a new visual identity for MTS.

The new symbol represents and idealised community, "formed around a strong centre that spreads and multiplies", as well as the MTS services that help communities thrive. In addition, it contains the slogan Tvoj svet ("Your World").

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Showcase gets beyond ordinary with new logo

Showcase is a Canadian TV channel specialised in premium drama, both original and imported. It was launched twenty years ago, and last week it introduced a new look to celebrate that anniversary. Like all TV branding in Canada, everything was developed in-house by Shaw Media's Creative Agency.

The channel prides itself on innovative programming, which is summed up by the slogan "Beyond Ordinary". The new logo has some similarities with the one used when the channel launched and will together with the new graphics package "reflect the channel's big and dramatic sensibility". The logo is also shaped like a TV screen and some visually interesting dynamics are created by blowing it up to cover the entire screen.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

France's leading brewery Brasseries Kronenbourg introduces new logo

Brasseries Kronenbourg is France's largest brewery, tracing its history back to the year 1664, which also happens to be the name of one of its most famous brands. It has been a subsidiary of the Danish Carlsberg Group since 2008, which means it is also selling international Carlsberg brands in France. Yesterday, Brasseries Kronenbourg launched a new corporate identity which it will use in corporate communications. It was designed by Carré Noir, which has been the brewery's design agency for several years.

According to a press release, the new logo reaffirms Kronenbourg's identity as a French brewer with 350 years of history.