Monday, December 2, 2013

New logo: Paris Region

Île-de-France is the name used for France's capital region, that is Paris and its extended surroundings. Last week, on November 27, different government agencies unveiled a new brand, "Paris Region", to market Île-de-France internationally and to established it as a region of tourism and economic growth.

A new English language slogan, "Source of Inspiration", is intended to express the "innovation, creativity and invention" that has sprung from the region since the French revolution. The icon combines eight sticks that form a "capital radiation" image in different colours, representing diversity, with an abstraction of the Eiffel tower, a universal symbol of Paris, the region and France.

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Logo ingredients.

Revised versions of the logo will be adopted by the regional tourism and development boards. Other stakeholders in the economic development of Île-de-France may also use the logo.

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  1. Sky Moviez New Zealand has got new logos and on-air look.

  2. Design by qui?
    Je comprends pas que le(s) designer ou agences ne sont pas créditer.